Track description/ special track/ special unit/ special class in FÁ

The educational offer in the special track is designed for students, who have needed considerable support in their compulsory school studies or have attended a special class or special school before coming to upper secondary school. Now are 29  students studying at the special track. The students are offered up to four years of studies at FA upon completing compulsory school, each year being divided into two semesters or terms. Students matriculate with the same number of units as their colleagues who complete normal tracks (studentspróf), whilst the content is different

The role and aim of the special track is to provide students with appropriate education within a mainstream multi-track high school. The objective is for the students to maintain and increase their knowledge and skills that enables them to tackle everyday tasks and future activities.

The teaching is based on plans or curricula for groups and/or individuals that in their turn are based on official curriculum guides on one hand and on the students' wishes, developmental status and needs on the other.

The students are largely taught together as one group but wherever possible individuals attend classes in mainstream tracks. Emphasis is on ensuring that the special track students feel part of the school student body thereby avoiding the feeling of social isolation. Collaboration is sought with teachers of other tracks that they keep an open mind for the possibility of the special track students attending their classes.

The students work largely in 3  study groups. The base for one group is in the west wing of the Armuli Multitrack Highschool and the base for the other is in the east wing of the school.

Assessment of the students' progress is continuous throughout the semester with summative assessment at the end of the semester.

The curriculum of the special track is based on

  • National Curriculum Guide for the high school level, general part.
  • National Curriculum Guide for special tracks at the high school level.
  • Curriculum Guide for the FA special track.
  • Individual Education Plan

Subjects are

  • Academic
  • Art and craft
  • Sport and health promotion
  • Computer studies
  • General subjects and electives


Teaching arrangement is

  • Individual tuition
  • In a group of students from the special track
  • In classes with other students in the school.


(Last updated 31.12.2016)