International relations

Erlend samskipti eru mikilvægur þáttur í starfi Fjölbrautaskólans við Ármúla. Umsjón með því starfi hefur Edda Lára Kaaber.

Fjölbrautaskólinn við Ármúla is a comprehensive, upper secondary school which offers vocational as well as general education as a preparation for academic studies. For many years pupils and teachers have been involved in projects with other European schools. In the school-year 2019/2020 the school participates in projects funded by Comenius, Nordplus and the EEA and Norway Grants.

Projects include mobilities of teachers and students.

Erasmus + is the new EU programme for 2014-2020 and combines under one umbrella programmes from the 2007-2013 period like Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig and Erasmus (

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' most important programme in the area of lifelong learning for Nordic and Baltic countries.

The EEA Grants and Norway Grants provide funding to 16 EU countries in central and southern Europe. Only beneficiary countries can apply for grants for bilateral projects with one of the donor countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

There is no deadline for joining eTwinning and starting projects. 

Responsible for international projects is Edda Lára Kaaber (


(Last updated 5.11.2019)